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For thickness gauges, transducers, portable flaw detectors, and bench-top units, to larger ultrasonic standard systems, R-CON NDT will help you find the right product for your application

The Stress Tel T-Mike E is a compact, easy-to-use, and rugged THICKNESS GAUGE. The T-Mike E provides the flexibility to allow users to calibrate the instrument to actual materials to be measured.

Masterscan 340 is a high performance digital ultrasonic FLAW DETECTOR used for the more demanding ultrasonic applications. Whether testing high frequency thin walled materials needing exceptional near surface resolution or low frequency, long range attenuative materials requiring high penetrating power the MS340 is the answer.

The X-32 is the World's first hand-held, battery-operated ultrasonic PHASED ARRAY instrument for nondestructive evaluation (NDE). It supports up to 32 channels, both for pulsing and receiving and is compatible with standard Hypertronics connectors. With its own internal storage, the X-32 can make a real-time continuous recording of the inspection. The X-32 software unit is based on bulletproof Linux operating system.

The S21R as a BONDTESTER has the power of a benchtop tester in a handheld package. The smallest, lightest and most convenient way to perform bond testing. With much greater sensitivity, it's more effective in detecting defects, yet it costs less than benchtop testers, and offers excellent contrast and resolution.
R-CON NDT is also a representative for Structural Diagnostics, Inc.(SDI). SDI is the manufacturer of the ULTRASONIC STANDARD SYSTEMS. The 5150 - Industrial Scanner with gantry/tank system is a heavy duty stainless steel tank, designed with a reinforced base to support a range of part positioners such as turntables and rotators. Precision lead screw drives on X and Y axes provide accuracies meeting the most demanding equipment specifications in the industry. The 5210 - Bar System with Data Logging is designed for use in a rugged industrial environment. Multi-channel amplitude and time of flight acquisition is performed by logging the gate output of the standard 'Tank Top' flaw detector such as the fully programmable SDI-2460. The motion control includes rotary indexing, helical scanning and 'bread slicing'. Data analysis includes C-scan reconstruction with bar diameter compensation, and return to position 'tagged' in the data file. Both units come with the high performance, servo driven PC package with SDI-1830 Windows based motion control, and SDI 1930 WinScan Acquisition and analysis software.